Group Booking

Enjoy special savings and added perks when you bring your group to Cirque Africa. Whether you're visiting with associates, students, or extended family, we'll take care of everything from customized catering to coordination of tickets and planning.

Bring your whole staff to Cirque Africa. It's a great way to reward their hard work, celebrate company achievements and motivate your entire team. In addition Cirque Africa also offers discount ticket programs that you can offer as an employee benefit at no cost to your company.

Visit us on our educational days where your students can watch a great one hour show  then we turn the big top into a learning lab where your students can have workshops with the cirque Africa artiste which in include acrobatics juggling African percussion African dance or just give your kids a pass to have fun , Cirque Africa also offers special fundraising opportunities to schools .

Religious Organizations
As Cirque Africa is a visual show the show has no religious or cultural barriers and is suitable for every kind of religious organization let work us with you to create the perfect program of events and activities. For example, we can organize your day around one of our amazing shows and add your Gospel or Contemporary Christian concert  we could turn our big top for you in to the church mosque or prayer place for the day

Rekindle fond memories and create new ones. Whether you're bringing together 20 or 200, we have room for all your nearest and dearest. Plus we'll cater the affair from set-up to clean-up.

When it comes to group bonding, Cirque Africa is guaranteed to make it memorable. And we'll set your group up with special pricing, and other perks.

Travel Groups
Bring your whole tour group to Cirque Africa . We make it easy by offering special pricing,  packages, parking for buses and even free admission for bus drivers.

Social Groups
Amazing discounts are available on our opening night, for groups of 20 or more. So whether you're celebrating a reunion or visiting with friends, family or your team members put together a group and save even more!

Family & Friends
Rustle up some family or friends and purchase 20 or more tickets to enjoy discounted admission to Discounts are available on our opening night in every new venue  $20 per person this only valid for elevated seats and only for opening night

Group Benefits
Treat your group to an experience they will never forget. Groups of 20 or more qualify for special ticket offers.

Your Group benefits include:
Group discounts of up to MORE THEN $20  per ticket enjoy Convenient payment options and up to 30 days to pay for bookings of groups of 150 people or more

  • Groups of 20 to 150 - $30 per person on the elevated  seats
  • Groups of 20 to 150 - $40 per person on the VIP seats
  • Groups of 150 or more - $20 per person on the elevated  seats
  • Groups of  150 or more - $30 per person on the VIP seat
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