What to expect

A two hour high energy production of vibrant talents showcasing the sights and sounds of Africa

A combination of talents from 38 versatile artistes from 6 different Africans countries including Ethiopia Kenya Ghana Ivory Coast and Zimbabwe

A new millennium circus of delight full acts such as Hand to Hand , Rolla bola foot juggling , dish spinning , vertical pole , hand balancing on stacked chairs , contortions who form mind boggling shapes with their bodies while percussionist beat African rhythms’ on drums

On stage authentic African atmosphere created by the renowned director producer Mr Winston Ruddle

If you enjoyed Cirque du Soliel before then Cirque Africa is a whole new mesmerizing show that will keep you on the edge of your seats

This circus combines the millennial repertoire of the Beijing Circus, the technical mastery of the Moscow Circus with the dexterity and joie de vivre of African artists to create a truly wondrous show.

Colorful costumes, an invitation to celebrate through dance and songs featuring traditional and contemporary instruments result in a two hour show on the theme of the discovery of Africa.

38 artists, acrobats and contortionists will propel you into a whirlwind of wonder with amazing acrobatic and juggling feats and a host of entertaining numbers.

Cirque Africa is a blockbuster based on modern circus acrobatic performances in a festive atmosphere that dramatically transports the audience discover the other side Africa in the 2 hour performance
The artiste of cirque Africa have toured the world performing in over 45 countries

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