Fund Raise with Cirque Africa

Inspire Your Donors with a Stunning Fundraising Event by using Cirque Africa

It goes without saying that you want your donor community to feel that they are attending a unique fundraiser event, tuned to your organization's mission and mandate then what better way than to Choose cirque Africa as your fundraising platform

You also want donors to have an excellent time and, to be wowed, and to go home feeling that your organization – and their contribution – has been properly celebrated.


We at Cirque Africa know that staging any type of fundraiser can be a huge, and often challenging, project then let us help you make that process easier

And, with the growing issue of donor fatigue, we also know your fundraiser has to be top notch if you are going to grow your audience.

So, our goal is to make the process of conceptualizing and delivering your fundraising as simple and easy as possible. We are committed to your piece of mind.

Go ahead... generate a 'buzz' in your donor community with a flawlessly executed show, Cirque Africa show is that  we will simply wow your audience!


  • Cirque Africa motto is we always leave a positive impression with your audiences this is extremely important to us. 
  • Cirque Africa always gives your donor audience their money’s worth.


60% of all tickets sold after the first 150 tickets for each show day advance sales and onsite sales


  • A team of professionals providing full support throughout your fund raising day or days 
  • A full 100 minute show                                                                                           
  • $1,000,000 public liability insurance  
  • All required staging seating lighting electricity (we provide our own generators). heating in the winter months air-conditioning in the summer months
  • Public toilets for 900 people
  • Personnel necessary to erect tent, provide performances and clean premises security and ushers  
  • Permits and/and licenses as required by law (local, town or State), if necessary
  • 300 VIP seats 600 elevated seat per show which you can charge at your discretion so that your fund raiser a profitable success


  • A data base or enough Audience for the fund raising shows or days
  • 50% of Advertising costs for the fundraising shows or days I.E newspaper radio TV banners posters
  • Cover 50 % of all advertising costs for the fundraising days i.e. news paper ,radio , television , online poster banners
  • Cover 20% of ground rental costs on the fundraising days
  • Cover 50% of electricity and water costs
  • Cover 50% of garbage and waste disposal cost