Advertising Opportunities - Cirque Africa

The venue and show provide opportunities for presenting advertising messages and branding. This includes in-door branding in the main tent and foyer tents, outdoor branding at the front of the tent and on top of the tent and audio and visual messaging can play tastefully before the show, during intermissions and after the show.

Targeted marketing

The show provides a unique opportunity to target specific groups in the society and conduct targeted promotions and events around shows. Such groups include students; the show has particular appeal to this group and sponsors may want be associated to supporting school organized trips for example.

Direct marketing and customer engagement

The venue comprises of a big top tent that has a foyer tent attached  to it that can be used for exhibitions, demonstrations and customer servicing, depending on the needs of the customer and types of products and  services on offer.

On site sale of products and services

The property is ideal for generating sales, up selling and even converting customer who attend by deploying help desks and sales booths in the foyer tent and having the data base of customers who attend. This  creates immediate value for the sponsor and also generates leads.

Cross promotion

The circus will be promoted through traditional (TV, Radio, Press, Fliers) and alternation channels (internet, YouTube, email) that will Avail cross reference of the customer’s sponsorship interest and Generate more mileage.

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